Dean's Message

    During the Covid-19 pandemic that took the entire world's breath away, in an environment where everyone is aware that human health is ahead of everything, I feel the difficulty of being the dean of a Medical Faculty and I convey my message under the responsibility of such a vocational education.

    Throughout this pandemic, medical students had the chance to realize and acknowledge the value and importance of their profession.
    Our faculty is a young one just like our students, but luckily, the 24-year-old university continues its education in a beautiful city like Bishkek in the middle of Asia.
We have spent more than half of the second semester through online training, but fortunately, we lived through the quarantine period in a time of information age where accessing information was easy.

    Hoping for the days to carry out medicine, a profession that requires knowledge skill attitude and behavior training, through face-to-face learning as soon as possible, where we can do one-on-one laboratory applications, perform our practicals in a hospital environment, and days when human health will be safe...