A Tree of Peace was planted at International Ala-Too University.

December 2, 2019

       International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21 each year for the memory of those who worked hard to end conflicts and promote peace; it was established by the United Nations in 2013. Students of the Medicine and Journalism faculties of Ala-Too University organized an event devoted to that date. The event started by planting trees called “Arizonian cypress “which is a symbol of eternal youth and life. We planted them in our university garden. Academicians of the university, and our foreign students from Somalia, South Africa, Germany, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Tajikistan shared their opinions and wishes concerning the international Day of Peace. We released pigeons into the sky as a symbol of Peace. The celebration was closed with the Kyrgyz national dance by the students of Seytek School.

      The purpose of event was to increase young people's awareness of re-establishing and consolidating peace in the world.
The organizers of the event emphasized the importance of having this event on an annual basis and wished peace, prosperity and friendship in the world.