Medical masters: Students who embody their medical ideals!

June 14, 2023

Healers – a team of medical students representing the Ala-Too International University at various interuniversity and international Olympiads wins prizes. The team members – Shabeer Khan, Azamat Bekbayev and Samara Akylbekova shared about their achievements and the noble title of a student of the Medical Faculty.

Samara Akylbekova: I like to try something new in science

“I am the owner of the “Gold Certificate” of 2019. I entered the Faculty of dreams – the Medical Faculty of AIU. Other students, including us, actively represent our university at various competitions in medicine, which gives us the practical skills necessary for a career. Our team has won places of honor more than once, at the Olympiad in histology and anatomy we received 1st place. 

As for me, I received the 1st place in biochemistry at the I International Olympiad for Medical Universities dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the birth of I. K. Akhunbaev. Further, I was awarded the 2nd place in pathological anatomy. In addition to extracurricular competitions, I like to learn new things on my own. Together with a groupmate, a study was conducted – changes in cardiac hypertrophy were measured in patients undergoing hemodialysis for 6 months. I would like to note that knowledge of foreign languages is one of the important factors of professional growth. In the future, I will try to achieve my goals and move on. I really like trying everything new!”

Azamat Bekbayev: Activity has opened the doors to the world of new friends and useful knowledge

“This year has been the most fruitful and interesting for me. I want to start with a sports tournament in football and volleyball. At the football event, I became the best goalkeeper. The Faculty of Medicine was represented at both events and took honorary 1-2 places.

There were also many competitions and Olympiads in medicine. The first Olympiad in which I took 2nd place in pathological anatomy was at the KSMA named after I. Akhunbaev. This was followed by a competition at Adam University, where I took 2nd place in ECG. This is a small part of what happened to me this year. Becoming more active and open, I gained many new friends and acquaintances, at the same time new information, experience and practical knowledge. In the future, I want to develop further in all spheres of life, be it medicine or sports.”

Shabeer Khan: Collective efforts are important for victory!

“In my 3rd year of study, I was involved in a wonderful journey of growth and achievement within the framework of the AIU Medical Program. In 2022, my team and I participated in the first International Olympiad in the IUK and took 1st place in medical and clinical research. This exceptional performance brought us irreplaceable experience and subsequent success in other competitions. Next, we distinguished ourselves with incredible knowledge of normal and topographic anatomy, histology, taking 1st place at the Olympiad organized by the KSMA named after I. Akhunbaev.

In 2023, I participated in the II International Olympiad in IUK, where special attention was paid to anatomy, histology and operative surgery. This experience gave me strength and fueled my motivation to expand my boundaries. Soon, teamwork in clinical research and first aid programs allowed us to take 1st place again at the Olympiad in the KRSU named after B. N. Yeltsin.

In addition to these outstanding achievements, I actively participated in various opportunities to gain experience at the university. Participation in the International Conference on Science and Healthcare at AIU expanded my understanding of modern achievements and innovations in the field of medicine. In addition, I have participated in numerous seminars aimed at raising awareness about important health issues such as tuberculosis and diabetes. By constantly challenging myself, I am confident that I will gain the skills and experience necessary to make a positive impact on other people's lives. I want to thank all the faculty members!”

Students' achievements prove that the university's programs are aimed at inspiring, developing and training future leaders who are ready to change the world for the better.