The AIU team took 1st place in pediatrics

June 7, 2023

On June 3, 2023, students of the Medical Faculty of the Ala-Too International University in the overall standings won the 1st place in pediatrics and the 2nd place in clinical medicine at the interuniversity Olympiad dedicated to the International Children's Day.

Each member of the team demonstrated the high level of the medical program of our educational institution:

  1. Tashbolot kyzy Zhumagul – 1st place in oncology
  2. Nurmamatova Nurbubu –1st place in anatomy
  3. Madiha Tarik – 2nd place in the field of pharmacy
  4. Kainat Saleem – 3rd place in radiography

These achievements reflect the exceptional dedication, hard work and passion shown by our students. They not only demonstrated their experience, but also emphasized the quality of education and training provided at the AIU.

Congratulations to our students and wish them further victories!